Squash to Suit Your Needs


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Subsciption Price Monthly
Senior Member $340.00 $32.00
Senior – (Paid in 3 instalments by 30 June) $345.00 $115.00
Business House Special (non-player or more than 3 yrs since a member) $170.00 $15.00
Senior Citizen (Over 65) $150.00
Junior – Under 19 years of age $120.00 $10.00
Senior Social – entitled to play Club Champs only $40.00
Casual Monthly $32.00
Casual Court Hire – per player (45 mins) $7.00
Corporate – min 4 players $200.00 per person $20 (over 10 mths)
Rackets Subscription – 1/4  to 30/9 – for the tennis member who wants to play competitive squash  $190.00 $32 (over 6 mths)
Summer Subscription – 1 Jan to 31st March 2017 Senior 



$ 35.00

Swipe Card ($10 Refund on return within 1 year of expiry) $20.00 each
10% Couples/Family Discount for 2 or more players

 $550 cap on Family Sub (Parents & Dependant Children including tertiary)

Can be paid by A/P

What does it cost to pay squash?

As a full member play once a week for 50 weeks of the year and you pay less than $7 per game, play twice a week and it is only $3.40 per game. That has got to be good for you!

Membership for the Wanganui Squash Club: Subscriptions are from 1st April to 31st March (following year), or if you join part-way through the year the amount is calculated accordingly. When a person is joining on a special sub (i.e. Business House Special, Spring Special) the family/tennis discount does not apply.

If you would like to join you will need to fill out our Membership Application Form. Click here to download a membership form.

There is a range of competitive and social forms of squash to cater for all levels and abilities of players.

Business House Squash

This is a great fun way to start your squash involvement or bring friends or family along. It consists of 4 members in a team and playing social squash with American scoring and a 15 minute time limit. We generally have 3 rounds a year with each round lasting 6 weeks. Always a fun night on the final night with a prize giving , food and music. Start thinking about your team now, as this is great to get your friends involved especially if you know someone who will like to have a go at squash.

Club Night & Ladies Night

These are run from time to time during the year, on a play as you turn up basis. More of a social context – play as many games as you can.  An enjoyable time to relax and have a drink afterwards with your fellow members. Ladies night is similar and is a fun session for women. Open to all ladies, being free for members and for non-members $2 per time for the first 3 evenings and $7 after that. We do a bit of coaching, play casual games. A very informal time and a great way to meet other women in the Club.


This is a night for children aged 7 to 18 to come down and learn more about squash or improve their game. This is run at different times during the year. Any enquiries, please feel free to contact us. Any help from parents is greatly appreciated. Free for Club members and $2 for non-members.


For competitive and/or graded players. Even if you are not graded, you may still play as you will be added to the grading list prior to the fisrt round. Involves inter-club rivalry and is played during the season. Usually Women on Tuesdays and Men on a Wednesday night, on a home and away basis. Competition starts around April and runs through till August. Finishes with interzone final against winning Taranaki teams in September, played at our Club.


For the fully paid up member and competitive player. If you are ungraded to start and would like to become graded or have any enquiries about your grading,contact our Club Statistician, Steph Durning. Points are accumulated as you play tournament and/or interclub. Grades range from U/G (ungraded) F, E2, E1, D2, D1, C2, C1, B2, B1, A2, through to A1 (the elite players). As you gain more points you will progress through the grades. Grading lists are on the right hand side of the main notice board.


You can play tournaments throughout New Zealand. The Wanganui clubs tournament schedule is listed on the main notice board and also on the Squash IT site. Support your club, have fun and play in the tournaments. You will need to be able to mark and referee but will be given help with this to start.

Fun Tournaments

Are exactly that. They are intended to provide new members a competitive arena in which to improve. Its about participating,learning and meeting other players and new members.


These are awesome teams events, played on a representative basis (Also  a lot of fun). Caters for players according to grades and is played first at a district level. Teams from each club compete over a weekend to win the right to represent their district. A National play-off determines the top club for each grade.